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For Organisations

Let us offer you a space in our free community directory. 

Our free, online database of services helps people find out about your organisation and how to get in touch with you.  With an entry in the directory we can attach any other information that you want to publicise about your organisation, such as job or volunteer opportunities, fundraising activities or new projects, events and services.

About Your Organisation

This database is not just useful for service users.  Organisations use our pages as a source of information about the services that are available in their area to add value to their own activities and to forge closer partnership working and networks.

Please let us know if information about your organisation changes or is missing.  If you already have an entry you can click on the pink ‘Provide Additional Information’ button on the right side of your page, and use the contact form to provide the necessary details.

If you do not already have a directory entry for your service, please use the link below to submit as much information as is relevant:

Submit Organisation Details

Third Party Information Providers

If you provide a signposting service to members of the public, why not use our website to help find and deliver that information?  There is no need for service-users to rely on hand-written notes.  Every service, event or news page has a button that allows it to be forwarded by email to be followed up later, or printed as a clear, information sheet to take away – particularly useful for those who do not have access to the internet at home.

Partnership Working

Our resource areas are groups of pages on a particular, related topic, or for a specific purpose.   These discrete groups of pages offer a wide range of flexible opportunities.  We are always looking for new ways of promoting community activity.  If you have a resource area idea and would like to discuss working in partnership with us to deliver it, please get in touch!

If you have a website that is equipped with a news feed we can automatically curate your content and help to push it out further so that you enjoy a wider audience.  You can contribute to a collective community social media presence by following our social media channels and sharing content that is relevant and of interest to you and your organisation.  Together with the sector as a whole we can magnify the reach of your services, and help to engage with potential new service-users, volunteers, supporters, funders etc.


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