Below you will find answers to common questions about this site.  if you can’t find the information you are looking for please use our contact form to let us know.  We will try to answer it for you and include the information here for others to see.

Searching the Site

Q. How can I see what services are near where I live?

A. You can see which services are on your doorstep by typing your postcode into the search box on this page: Search By Location.

Q. I am looking for a particular service but I don’t know their name?

A. On our ‘Keyword’ search page you can type in a word or a phrase that relates to the organisation or service you are looking for.  If you don’t find what you are looking for at first, try a different set of words.  If this doesn’t work try looking in the category that best fits the service.  If you still do not have any success please let us know through our contact form.

Q. I am new to the area and would like information about living and working in Rossendale

A. You may find the information contained in our “Useful guide to living & working in Rossendale” helpful.  In these pages there is also useful links to other organisations that can provide further information and support.


Q. What sort of organisations are included on this site?

A.  Generally this site provides information about ‘not-for-profit’ organisations.  These can be Charitable Trusts, Charitable Companies, Unincorporated Associations, informal community groups, CIO’s, Co-ops, CIC’s, Development Trusts etc.  The site does not generally include information about commercial or profit-making ventures i.e. Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Corporations and Limited Liability Companies.

Q. I thought this was for Rossendale services?  Why are organisations from outside the area included in the directory?

A. Some organisations provide services to a wider area including Rossendale.  This might be to East Lancashire, the North-West or even nationally.  Where a service is available to people who live and work in Rossendale we have included it even if it is based outside of the Valley.


Q. What sort of events are included?

A. There is a wide range of activities included in the events calendar.  Some of these are regular weekly or monthly occurrences, others are one-off  happenings.  All of the entries in the calendar should be connected to at least one organisation in the directory so if you want to find out more or get involved, you can.

Q. Can you include my event in the calendar?

A. Yes, as long as we can include your organisation in the directory.  Please get in touch through our contact form and let us know all the details!

Get Involved

Q. How can I find out which organisations are looking for volunteers?

A. First try and find an organisation whose work you are interested in getting involved in.  On the bottom right corner of their directory page there will be a green “Volunteers Needed” button if that organisation has a link to information for volunteers.  If you find an organisation  you like that does not have the green button, why not get in touch with them anyway – it doesn’t hurt to ask, and they may know of other opportunities that might be of interest.

Getting In Touch

You can contact us about anything at all through our contact form !  For example, please let us know:

  • if you have found information that is no longer up-to-date
  • if you are looking for information that you cannot find
  • if your organisation, or one that you know of is not listed
  • or if you just want to provide feedback and comment on the site