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This page is maintained by Ronnie Barker:

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Aims and Objectives

Set up to allow any Rossendale Patients to raise their Issues and concerns and to allow each of the 9 Rossendale PPGs (Patient Participation Groups) to post and share their latest newsletters and any other items of interest to help to improve the Health of all the Rossendale Community.

The Revised Terms of Reference were formally agreed by the Rossendale PPG Network at a meeting on the 1st of February 2017.

Rossendale PPG Network TOR amended 01-02-17

Would you like to apply for the Rossendale CCG Locality Patient Representative position?

Rossendale Locality Steering Group Patient Representative – April 2017….

You can sign up to East Lancs CCG Patient Partners through the link below:

6 PPG workshop summary MP

Pennine Lancashire Transformation Programme – see summary so far


Update on New Model of Care for Pennine Lancashire

Presentation Engagement Publication vFinal-June 2017v2 (3)

Patient Involvement – A Guide for involving Patients & Carers in GP Practices.



Self-Care Guides


Link for Ordering Cancer Research Documents for GP Practices

Keep aches & pains at bay the exercise way







Not feeling well – Where can I go – June 2016




Mental Health -find-the-words_english_download


News from Dementia Friendly Rossendale 

DFR Prompt leaflet – April 2017 – V3a

DFR -Rossendale Safe Places

DAW Advert 2017


Dementia Newsletter Issue 9 (Spring 2017)

DFR Dementia Buddies- March 2017 – V1

Pharmacy First Scheme

Pharmacy First Sceme – How it Works

Pharmacy First MAS Providers June 2015_v2

Pharmacy First Formulary List September 2016_v3

Latest East Lancs CCG Corporate Briefing

201701 Corporate brief issue 18

Rossendale Locality Annual Report of Achievements for 2016

Rossendale Locality CCG 2016 Annual Report & 2017 Priorities

Rossendale MIU Monthly Activity Dashboard – August 2016_v2_p1,4

NHS ELCCG Patient Partners Board Update & Progress Report 26/09/16

ELCCG_GB_PPI Lay Report_PPB-V1-130116

Rossendale Public Health Report September 2016

Rossendale Health Profile CHP (2016)

Burnley, Pendle & Rossendale CVS appoint new Care Navigator for Rossendale

Navigator client gp leaflet version Final Version2

Navigator Recruitment Leaflet prescription version 3

East Lancashire Patients Partnership Board

Patient Partners Board Representation for the Rossendale PPG Network is held by Diane Owen (Chair of the Irwell PPG) and Ronnie Barker for the Rossendale Locality CCG (Chair of the Waterfoot PPG) following elections through the respective Organisations.

Patient Partnership Board Term of Reference V2_170815

3 PPB _Minutes_27.9.16

3 PPB _Minutes_26.7.16

3 PPB _Minutes_03.05.16

3 PPB _Minutes_08.03.16

3 PPB _Minutes_26.1.16

Rossendale Health & Wellbeing Partnership see own page in this Directory by clicking on the Heading below:

Rossendale Health & Wellbeing Partnership

Sharing of Medical Records now available with your Consent

East Lancs CCG EMIS Community poster_24.03.16_V7

Pennine Lancashire CCG (East Lancs + Blackburn W Darwen) are seeking your views on their proposed ‘Prioritisation Process for Commissioning’ – deadline 30/09/16.

NHS PL CCG 6-v2.0-Prioritisation-policy-Easy-Read-v2-May-2016



Primary Care Information Sheet for Consultation amended final Ross…

Latest East Lancs CCG Newsletter Template for download to insert own Practice Information

Rossendale PPG Newsletter Template Spring 2017

Rossendale PPG Newsletter Template Winter 2017

Practice Locality CCG Newsletter. Autumn Issue 2016. Rossendale

Also – See our Facebook page above for regular Information updates


The next Quarterly meeting of the Rossendale PPG Network is on Wednesday 01/02/17 at 1.30pm in Room 76 at the Rossendale Primary Health Care Centre on Bacup Road.

The Agenda for 1st of Feb 2017 at 1.30 is attached for your information

AGENDA RPPGN February 2017

New ‘Seated Fitness’ course for people with Mobility Issues

sit down fitness (1)

Dementia Awareness Week (16-21 May 2016)

PPG Awareness Week (6-11 June 2016)

Publications, Reports, Information

Newsletters & Flyers

Connected – East Lancashire CCG Stakeholder Newsletter (V1) 01.2017

Pharmacists call for broader role in managing long




Care and Cure magazine – Issue 8 (autumn 2016)

DAA Bulletin Aug16

Inspire Stakeholder_Bulletin_3_290316

Macmillan Apr_16_Newsletter_3rd_edition


Healthwatch summer news letter 1.4_2016617154715


East Lancs CCG Rossendale Locality Annual Report 30/09/16

Rossendale Locality Annual Report Summary to end September 2016






Agenda & Associated Papers

AGENDA RPPGN February 2017

AGENDA RPPGN November 2016

Minutes and Supporting Documents


EL GPFV Position_Rossendale PPG_v0.2_020217_CW


MINUTES_ROSS_PPG_NETWORK – 03.08.16 – Approved by DO 06.08.16

Previous Minutes

Minutes and Supporting Documents

Rossendale PPG Network meeting_19 08 2014_Approved by RB 28 08 2014

Rossendale PPG Network meeting_19 02 2014_Approved by RB_25 02 2014

Virtual Rossendale PPG Proposal Oct13

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