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Registering on the New Rossendale Council Website

Registering on the New Rossendale Council Website

Next week local residents will be able to access Rossendale Council’s new and improved website.

The new site goes live on Wednesday August 9, and features a re-jigged layout – with an A-Z of services – that makes it quicker and easier for residents to access the information they need.

The transition over to the new site will be seamless for residents but those who were registered on the old site will need to re-register on the new one.  Once registered you will be able to sign in and do things like saving answers to forms and viewing forms you’ve already completed.

It’s all about making the customer experience as quick and easy as possible but it’s important to note you don’t have to be registered to use the site.  If you do though, you’ll also receive personalised information about why you’ve contacted the Council and, should you wish, you can receive web content that is based on your profile and preferences.


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