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Information on this page was last updated on 01/10/2017

VIC_choirThe Singing group was the inspiration of one of our members who served as a musician in a military band. There are therapeutic benefits of music to the individual and the community. Being involved in the Singing Group allows people to meet in an informal activity and has many benefits; socialising with others, exercise and where the armed forces community can integrate with members of the community.

The concept was initially put to VIC in February 2013 and we started developing this concept as an activity in 2014. When we took over the VIC Centre in Haslingden in November 2013, it was felt that this activity based in the Centre would benefit our members and the local community. This is one of the newest activities being delivered by VIC.

The VIC Singing Group continues to perform to audiences across Rossendale at a wide variety of events including Festivals of Remembrance, residential homes, Haslingden Street Fair, and at Whittaker Park.

They have also performed to shoppers in ASDA’s in Rawtentall and TESCO in Haslingden during fundraising activities across Rossendale.

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