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Information on this page was last updated on 01/10/2017

Stubbylee Community Greenhouses is an open access site which is socially inclusive for everyone, where new skills can be learned and accomplished in a non-judgemental, supportive environment.

The project challenges the stigma that mental ill-health represents for many. Referrals are welcome but not necessary.

The community ethos we have is one where respect for the individual and the environment is the main focus with an emphasis on teamwork and working towards a common goal. We offer activities for a range of interests.

Stubbylee Community Greenhouses provides a positive, therapeutic environment offering a wide range of skills, activities and training for participants to discover a new identity and achieve a higher level of well –being. Our holistic approach encourages high levels of respect, raises self- esteem and provides a listening ear in confidence when it is most needed.

Activities include: gardening, vegetable growing, crafts, woodwork, blacksmithing, site maintenance, building and landscaping, bee keeping and jewellery making. Most importantly, the project emphasises mentorship, guidance and valuable work transferrable skills to those who face challenges and barriers to self-development, employment and education.

We have an ecological focus on site development and growth. Our gardens are organic and we recycle, reuse and reclaim as much as we can.

Future developments include more arts and crafts activities such as glass work and pottery, development of a café for the use of all at weekends and through the week.

We have helped to develop the East Lancashire Recovery College to provide person centred training for the community across Lancashire. To date we have over 20 professional partners who deliver high quality courses which encompass a wide range of topics to enable students to gain a greater insight into Mental Health conditions, Well-being and key skills to manage anxiety, low mood, depression and low self- esteem. Students can enrol by ringing in, no referral is required.

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