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The Margaret Haes Riding Centre was founded by Margaret Haes in 1967. She soon affiliated her new riding centre to the Riding for the Disabled Association. She was an accomplished horsewoman, and passionate about sharing her love of riding with those less fortunate.

In approximately 1976 she and her team joined NWRAH, the North West Riding Association for the Handicapped. In 2004, in recognition of Peggy’s hard work and dedication, the centre, now independent, was re-named the Margaret Haes Riding Centre.

The charity is an independent organisation that relies on donations for the upkeep of the stables. It has embarked on a comprehensive refurbishment project to improve the facilities.

The Margaret Haes Riding Centre is a registered charity run by a group of committed volunteers. Every week it welcomes people of all ages with special needs of all kinds who benefit from the pleasure and stimulation of riding. As anyone who has enjoyed the opportunity will know learning to ride offers an inspiration and challenge that is quite unforgettable – for people with disabilities, the experience is all the more special.

Margaret Haes Riding Centre


Pony Days

Pony Days at the Margaret Haes Riding Centre run during the school holidays (usually Friday but please ask for other days).

Pony days are fun, everyone looks forward to it and enjoys coming.

The aim is to balance fun and responsibility with each rider required to look after their own pony involving most of the activities that is required if you had your own horse including:

  • Pony Handling– Grooming, tacking up, control and leading
  • Stable Management– Mucking out and cleaning
  • Quiz
  • Instruction– including riding for a minimum of 1 hour
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