Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service – Haslingden

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Information on this page was last updated on 01/10/2017

Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service – Haslingden, provides fire and rescue services on behalf of the Lancashire Combined Fire Authority to the people living or working in Lancashire.

Reducing risk, improving safety

Covering just over 3,000 square kilometres and growing ever more culturally diverse, Lancashire is a county of real contrasts: from urban conurbations to sparsely populated rural areas; coastal ‘holiday’ towns to old industrial heartlands; economic affluence to high levels of deprivation.  The range of community safety risk is extensive and changing quickly, requiring us to allocate resources on the basis of risk and reducing risk as far as possible.

We define the extent of risk as being the likelihood that something will happen, multiplied by the severity of the consequences if it does. This means that we focus our efforts on:

  • reducing the chance of fire happening through prevention work ;
  • restricting the impact if it does through protection work. ;
  • providing a quick and professional response to emergencies to mitigate the consequences if all else fails.


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