Lancashire Women’s Centre’s Community Wellbeing Initiative

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Information on this page was last updated on 30/06/2016

Lancashire Women’s Centre’s Community Wellbeing Initiative works within the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies model(IAPT) at Steps 1-3 and are able to offer a number of therapies from Stubbylee Hall, Bacup.


Counselling works with bereavement, family difficulties, domestic abuse, depression and relationships to name but a few. Counselling requires engagement on an emotional level.

Psychological Wellbeing:

For clients with mild to moderate levels of anxiety and depression. We offer self-guided help within a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) model. An individual programme of psychological support and self help activities are agreed between the client and therapist to overcome symptoms.

Couple Therapy for Depression:

Couple Therapy for Depression is a high intensity therapy designed to treat depression in couples where there is also relationship distress. It aims to reduce damaging interactions, improve communication and behaviour and build emotional openness and closeness.


Individuals can self refer or be referred, with their consent, by a health professional or support worker. Appointments are open to men and women and can be made

By email: or by phone: 0808 280 3160 (Freephone).


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