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Information on this page was last updated on 01/10/2017

Incredible Edible Rossendale was formed in November 2009 with a vision for the Rossendale Valley.

Influenced by their namesakes from the hugely successful Todmorden project, the objective is very simple.  The aim is to encourage our residents to grow and pick their own fruit, vegetables and herbs on their own land, or, on community land throughout the borough.  Wouldn’t it be great to go for a walk in the park and pick a cauliflower?  To pick an apple from the main street on your way home from the hairdressers?

Let’s not stop at growing though, we can also educate our children into the benefits of eating fresh food, and, to show them what courgettes, brussel sprouts and coriander actually look like.  To prove to them that it doesn’t have to come from a tin, or, in a freezer ready meal.  They can have fun growing and cooking their own crops.

The plan then gets ‘bigger’ – we can offer locally produced foods through our shops and increase trade and support local businesses.  We would reduce our carbon footprint and lead a greener happier life.

It all seems so simple, because it is!  All we ask is that everyone helps.  It doesn’t matter how small your contribution is.  If you contribute, then you’re helping!

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