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Information on this page was last updated on 27/06/2018

The EkaH Foundation offers effective educational and self development programmes and tools to help people relieve stress and develop their own sense of inner peace, happiness, health and wellbeing. These programmes which include guided visualisation techniques, meditation, yoga, and practical advice for daily living have helped people around the world to transform their lives.

Our education courses are delivered online and out in the community.  We have a online shop selling original, natural, fair trade and ethically produced products from poor communities worldwide.   We also have a referral system to our Empowerment Projects which is aimed at giving people independence, and developing their unique and beautiful attributes.

Here at The EkaH Foundation we can abundantly express our Love & Heartfelt Devotion for the beautiful Sri Ramana Devi. Unique teachings of the beloved Sri Ramana are shared through an ever growing collection of books, courses and loving produce too. All created and designed exclusively by and for Her Grace.

The main beneficiary of profits generated from ekaH ‘cruelty free’ sales is the sacred sanctuary that is Pashupati Ashram, home to Sri Ramana and her beautiful animal friends. Sri Ramana has a great Love for all sentient beings so has created an amazing english farm retreat for over 40 beloved soul friends. Pashupati is an inspiring conservation farm that provides many wonderful creatures with a safe and loving home! Please support our great fundraising aim so that Pashupati may grow and grow.
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