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Information on this page was last updated on 21/08/2018

Edgeside Baptist Church is a small community of believers situated on the Edgeside estate, in Waterfoot. With our hearts, minds and lives we want to serve God, serve one another, and serve our community.

Witnessing to the people of Edgeside  since 1853, we meet to pray on a Saturday morning at 8-30 on the first Saturday we share breakfast.  Our Sunday service is at 10.15am.

We as a church fellowship, make it our aim to commit ourselves to each other by praying regularly for individual members of our church family and caring for each other in practical ways so that our church may grow together and fulfil God’s  purposes in this place.

It was in 1848 when William Proctor of Burnley and Isaac Stocks of Shore came to live in Waterfoot.  They were the fore runners of a small band of people known as “General Baptists” and they set up a meeting place in a cottage in Miller Barn Lane. This new church did not last long after the Stocks family departed for Bacup, and the room had to be given up.

Those that where left behind carried on meeting in a blacksmiths shop at Hollin Bank, Scoutbottom.  Eventually a new meeting place was found at the top of Ashworth Lane and though the congregation was slowly building up it was a constant struggle. By the early 1860’s the membership warranted a purpose built church and the foundation stone was laid at a site on Edgeside Lane in 1864.  By the late 1970’s though, the church was suffering from dry rot and high running costs and it was decided to demolish the old church and build the present church in its place.

The first service in the new Edgeside Baptist Church was held on Easter Sunday 1983 and a dedication service was held on Sunday 17th July.


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