Black Pudding Hashers

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Information on this page was last updated on 01/10/2017

Black Pudding Hashers are a local group that practice ‘hashing’.  Hashing is a form of Hare & Hounds style event which began at the Selegor Club in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia in 1938.  Regardless of the style of the Hash, all is in good fun and the “Drinking Club with a Running Problem” welcomes all with a sense of humour.

The objective is to follow a trail of flour laid by a Hasher (the Hare) over a course he chooses.  The other Hashers (the Pack or Hounds) try to follow that trail to the end where we enjoy beer and munchies.  Beer stops on the route are also held.  We run, walk and crawl through the suburbs, woods, streams, tunnels and shiggy (muddy ground) etc.  This isn’t a race, there are no prizes to the swift, and the only rules are there are no rules.  Following the trail is the challenge…… drinking beer is the reward.

It costs only £2 per run, and all proceeds are put back into the Club.

Runs are held every 4th Sunday, starting at 11.30am from various pubs, generally in and around the Rossendale area.  Accompanied children and well behaved dogs are also welcome.

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