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Information on this page was last updated on 01/10/2017

Our club is part of Shorai Martial Arts International. Shorai Association (International) was established in 1986 by Chief Instructor Sensei Joe Tierney, 7th Dan.

Shorai loosely translated means ‘future’. It is an open system which has fundamental values but has incorporated the modern aspect for today’s martial artist. The system is that of a multi-style organisation providing all the benefits of any good association. All of the systems within Shorai are of the highest calibre. “How does Shorai maintain such a standard?”, this may be a question in your mind.

When a system applies to join Shorai, Sensei Joe Tierney will personally vet the system to ensure its integrity and standard meets Shorai’s ethics and code of conduct. With the help of Sensei Tierney’s senior grades, all of whom are well respected karateka in their own right, Shorai Association (International) runs smoothly.

The association boasts a full calendar of international events which are heavily subsidised. This confirms the commitment the association has to all its members, instructors and students alike. The majority of practitioners in martial arts today are children. With this in mind Shorai has a full commitment to them.Each time Shorai has competed abroad they have always taken a cadet squad with them. Shorai has a belief that children should have an equal opportunity as they are the future of martial arts.

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